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Voters Guide – Now Expanded Content – Judge Sean Delahanty Already Registered By Matthew Leffler Category: News, Uncategorized, Updates, Voter Guide The Voter Guide we launched several weeks ago has seen a strong response and we’re glad so many Read more

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Polls Close in Louisville in Election Guide Menu × Introduction Election FAQs Register Review Or Update Build Your Sample Ballot US House District – KY3 Metro Mayor Race 2018 Metro Council Candidates & Map 30th District Judicial Candidates State Candidates Read more

History Perspectives: America Attacked

Facts, information and articles about the attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Date: December 7, 1941 Location: Oahu, Hawaii Generals/Commanders United States: Husband Kimmel and Walter Short Japanese: Chuichi Nagumo and Isoroku Yamamoto Outcome: Japanese Victory Casualties:  United States: 3,700  Japanese: 50  civilians: 48-68 Importance:  The surprise attack on Read more