Google Search Console Intro Video – How To Add A Site

15 April 2020 Visit CTR, Impressions And Search Position Improves Web Traffic – Google Search Console Video for the whole story Gain More Traffic With Existing Content: GSC provides existing sites a handy list of pages that need new, better Read more

Technical SEO: Digital Ocean vs Google Cloud vs AWS

Comparing Digital Ocean Droplets and AWS EC2 VPS How Is This SEO? This may seem off topic but its on topic, technical SEO is imperative … you’re not going to rank number one on Google using Shopify or Wix.  It Read more

CCPA, GDPR, 2020 And What They Mean To Your Site

2 January 2020 Visit CCPA, GDPR, 2020 And What They Mean To Your Site for the whole story CCPA AND GDPR Shoulda Made It On Your Radar by now, but I bet it hasn’t.  At least based on the random Read more

Google Analytics And Adwords In Data Studio

Article Name Google Analytics And Adwords In Data Studio Description A brief introduction to using data sources like Google Analytics and Adwords within Data Studio and how the combined insights can improve a PPC campaign. Maintained Matthew Leffler

Google Data Studio Knows Everything SEO, Or It Can

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SEO Metrics: DA DS DR DT CF TF DP AS and domain authority ranking.

If the title confuses you don’t worry. Id expect even intermediate SEOs are not familiar with all of those letters. Domain Authority or DA is a well established SEO metric by that many often confuse with Google’s ranking of Read more

PBN, GuestPost or Syndication for Backlink Building

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